About Us

3 Years In Business

Est. in 2019

From our homemade haunt at our home to a new attraction open to the public! While we’ve been in the community for 3 years, we’ve been terrifying our friends with our home haunts for much longer!

Meet the Hackneys! A Husband and Wife Duo.

After years spent at Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios and seeking out the scariest haunts around, Jason and Sarah Hackney have been thrilled to bring Hackney Haunts to life.

With a keen eye on design, Jason and Sarah spend the entire year (with their incredible partner Carlos) building the custom experience haunt goers get every spooky season.



Top 10 Artist to Watch and Creative Director

Carlos started building home haunts in 2018, and joined Hackney Haunts as Creative Director in 2020.

He has quickly earned a reputation in the haunt industry with his elaborate foam work and set building. He has been named one of the top 10 artists to watch by Hot Wire Foam Factory for 2 years in a row.



A Team Made to Scare.