The Haunts

Two Locations.


More About Our Haunts

Bite Fight

Our biggest, most elaborate haunt we’ve created by far, Hackney Haunts Presents: Bite Fight Blamed for the ruthless attacks by werewolves on a local village, Peaceful Vampire Vlad Orpheus’s wife was killed by the village people in retaliation. Enraged, Vlad has enslaved the werewolves, and continues to punish both the werewolves and the humans for his loss. The werewolves are now revolting, setting up an epic Vampires vs Werewolves battle for the ages! As you are thrown into the middle of the action, who’s side will you take in “Bite Fight!

The Haunting of Hackney House

Hackney House has stood for hundreds of years. The house is nothing but pure terror, filled with the demons and spirits of those who have fallen to the house’s underlying source of evil. Once you enter through the doors of Hackney House, you can truly never leave…….

The Stalking Corn Maze

The Stalking, a Haunted Corn Maze at Local Homestead Products. Our first ever outdoor haunted attraction, a 2 acre haunted corn maze that will take you on a terrifying journey. From traditional Halloween scares, to some completely original horrors you could never imagine, this maze has it all. In partnership/ on location at Local Homestead Products.


How old do you reccomend children be to attend the attractions?

Our haunts are meant to scare adults, so please use your best judgement for your kids. The Haunting of Hackney House and Bite Fight are a tad scarier, earning a PG-13 rating. The Stalking Corn Maze is considered PG. Parents, please use your best judgement.

Why can't I buy corn maze tickets online?

The Stalking tickets will only be sold at the door. Fast-past is available.

When are the haunts open and what's the cost?

The Haunting of Hackney House & Bite Fight:

Friday and Saturday nights in October. 7-10 pm. $10 general admission per haunt, or $15 fast pass per haunt. ($20 general for both, or $30 fast pass for both). We accept cash or card at the door and online through fear ticket.

The Stalking:

Friday and Saturday nights from September 24th to October 30th. 6-10 pm. $10 admission, $16 fast pass. Cash or card accepted. Tickets available onsite only.

Where are the haunts located?

The Stalking: Local Homestead Products located at 2425 Marston Road, New Windsor, MD 21776.

The Haunting of Hackney House & Bite Fight: Town Mall of Westminster. Use the entrance located between Boscov’s and Belk.















Do you hire scare actors?

We have an incredible group of volunteers that are beyond talented. If you’d like to be considered as part of our cast, please email us!


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