Hackney Haunts will not be open this October for the haunt season.

We will still be doing our Kids Halloween Trail at Spring Meadow Farms, and the Christmas Lights Trail at Local Homestead Products LLC this year.
This is by no means goodbye for our haunted house attractions, it’s see you again in the very near future. It is a necessary step for growth. It will also be nice to catch our breath and take a small break. Between our regular jobs and the haunt business, the weeks of 60-100 hour work weeks have taken its toll on us.
We want to thank EVERYONE in our community for the support over the last 5 years that have made Hackney Haunts successful. We will continue to provide business updates as we progress on our future plans.
The next time Hackney Haunts opens its doors for haunt season, it will be on an entirely different level. We cannot wait to bring a large scale, state of the art haunt to the masses.