Rest in Pieces

The old run-down funeral home by the cemetary, condemned decades ago, has been around longer than anyone can remember.  As part of a prom night dare, some local teens planned to break into the funeral home after midnight, only to be greeted out front by a creepy odd stranger who happily unbolted the door and tells them they can go in and take a look around.   

Fast forward an hour or so, and no one has come out of the old funeral home yet.  You, friends of the teens, are arriving to the funeral home to look for them.  As you approach the entrance, the odd stranger greets you, lets you in and closes the door behind you as he tells you “Rest in Pieces” 

All Hallows Eve

There is something different about this Halloween Night.  The air is a bit colder, the leaves are falling off trees a little faster, and the eerie darkness of the night is thicker than ever before.  In the past few weeks leading up to this night, Fall harvest crops have suddenly turned rotten, rats and other foul rodents have been very active, and there have been very strange things happening in the nearby Apollyon Forest.     
Could the local folk tale be true?  Legend has it, that once every 100 years, the bloodline of the Witches of Salem return to Samhain Hill on “All Hallows Eve”, in attempt to summon the Pumpkin Lord.  
If your curiosity is getting the best of you on this “All Hallows Eve” night, the journey to Samhain Hill is not an easy one.  The only way in requires going through the local graveyard, and then deep, deep into the Apollyon Forest, where few have ever ventured, and even fewer have returned.